“What Latinologues manages with humor and sharp insight is to capture the great culture and spirit we share in common. The rich tapestry is presented in clever, sharply written vignettes that made me roar with belly laughs born of familiarity. That’s my family’s story.  I know that guy. This is our Fiddler. Funny, real, relevant, smart and did I say funny?” — Geraldo Rivera, Fox News


“The audience was in stitches!”
– New York Times


“Latinologues is filled with incredible energy and great talent.”
– Howard Kissel, New York Daily News


“Latinologues” most certainly proves that good humor is a universal language. Cheech Marin has directed with just the right manic flavor and the cast is truly terrific! Derbez shows us why he’s a superstar in Mexico, Lavan is mucho macho, Rumierk is gorgeous and gifted and Najera is brilliant.” More of Review…
– Roma Torre, New York 1 News

“The Latino experience is so vastly underrepresented on Broadway, but this show is able to coast on the cravings of its audience.”
– The New Yorker


“This is funny stuff.” More of Review…
– Marilyn Stasio, Variety


“Its target audience will surely go for Latinologues.” More of Review…
– Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter


“The laughs are loud, abundant.”
– Rose Bernardo, Entertainment Weekly


“Najera sets a solid foundation for the production with director Cheech Marin providing his hard-earned comedic wisdom and perspectives to shape and pace the performance.”
– Gregg Bellon, newyorktheatre.com


“Latinologues plays like a smash hit.”
– David Barbour, Lighting & Sound America


“It’s difficult to put into words just how incredible it was to see a Latino production featured on Broadway. With a witty script, talented actors, and a realistic but respectful view of Latino stereotypes, Latinologues is definitely worth the price of admission. In fact, it’s worth paying again when you decide to see it a second time after telling friends and family about it.”
– Amen for LatinRapper.com More of Review…


“[These] Sketches from Latino Performers Spice up Broadway.”
– Tom Sansani, Columbia Daily Spectator


“I enjoyed it immensely.”
– David F. Richardson.Theater Critic for WOR Radio


“Najera is hilarious, Rumierk has good moves, Derbez’s highlight is when he appears in drag, and Lavan adds comedy.”
– William Wolf, New York Calling


“The performers are all impressive comedians.”
– Matthew Murray, Talkin’ Broadway


“Even English-speaking audiences will wear a smile after ‘Latinologues’.”
– Kathy Shwiff, dailyrecord.com


“Billed as ‘a comedy about life in America ,’ LATINOLOGUES is an adult comedy show that is more of a magnified look at the varied idiosyncrasies ingrained in Latin culture and how we have learned to live with countless adversity, retained our sanity (almost), and managed to look good in the process. Told through a series of poignant monologues – a sort of absurd state-of-the-Latino-union address – the show provides a satirical reflection on our time (dis)honored traditions and cultural and (mis)conceptions. In short: LATINOLOGUES is warped fun.” More of Review…
– unChin Magazine, by Edwin Pagán


Fluent ‘Latinologues’ fills Majestic with laughter. Make natives of all giddy with delight”
– Lawson Taitte, Dallas Morning News


“Latinologues’ takes dead aim at funny bones. All of the pieces drew laughs, sometimes hysterical fits”
– Mark Lowry, Star Telegram


CRITICS PICK – “Rick Najera has written and directed a powerhouse evening of biting satire. The monologues presented here are sharp, free, and just plain funny, decorated only with a mystical Latin hanging, Najera and his ensemble perform with energy and ease.”


RECOMMENDED – “The evening is packed with Najera’s witty observations and eccentric but compelling characterizations that are seamlessly linked. A uniformly solid cast.”
– Amy Schaumburg, LA Weekly


“Latinologues’ reduces indignities to laughter. Rick Najera’s play takes the sting out of illegal immigration.”
– Daryl H. Miller, LA Times


Latino Weekly Review
”Latinologues is a breathtaking montage about human fraternity. The play keeps audiences laughing from beginning to end.”
– Ana Lilia Cortes, Latino Weekly Review


“This exciting new voice of the Latino experience in America takes laughter to the next level bringing political satire and great humor to the stage. The handsome Fernando Carrillo steals the show (and a few hearts).”
– Al Carlos Hernandez


Curtain Up
Rick Najera’s Latinologues: Chile Con Comedy embraces Latino stereotypes and gives them a sardonic twist. In its current incarnation at Coronet Theatre, this collection of monologues and satirical scenes about the Latino experience zips by, its cast of illegals will have you howling with laughter.
– Jana J. Monji, Curtain Up

“It’s [Latinologues] is very, very funny”
— Jeff Smith, San Diego Reader

“Latinologues’ a funny, biting look at Latino life in the U.S.”
— Patricia Morris Buckley, North County Times

“Latinologues is at its best”

— Anne Marie Welsh, Theater Critic, San Diego Union-Tribune

“Laughs will flow when Rick Najera, `equal opportunity offender,’ brings `Latinologues’ to San Diego Rep.”

— Preston Turegano, The San Diego Union – Tribune; San Diego, Calif.

“Author Rick Najera (Latins Anonymous) attacks similar stereotypes with political and satirical, rapier wit.”

— Will K. Shilling, San Diego City Beat

Other acclaims:

  • “Most daring production festival of independent theater. Side-splitting humor makes you feel a little guilty laughing.” – Dallas Observer
  • “Latinologues is a clever swipe at stereotypes.” – Chicago Tribune
  • “Najera’s monologues burst from the barrio to the Universe.” – LA Weekly
  • “No one escapes Najera’s biting satire.” – LA Opinion
  • “Najera’s monologue spears deeply into the uncertainties of culture. He never settles for half-truths or clichés. He shows Latinos what they are: complex individuals.” – Los Angeles Times
  • “Rick Najera gives the Latino perspective in America” – Allan Johnson, Chicago Tribune
  • “The most daring show at the Festival of Independent Theaters” – Dallas Observer
  • “Bawdy jokes satirical jabs accent Rick Najera’s well-written portraits of Latinos.” – LA Times
  • “Hilarious.”– QV magazine
  • “Critics Choice.” – Chicago reader
  • “Latinologues is hilarious” – The Chicago Reader.
  • “Latinologues are well written portraits of Latino life” – Los Angeles Times

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